Saturday, March 2, 2013


Bath time is a sacred time around here. Mason is in love with the bath and is so content to play for as long as I let him - which is what makes it so sacred. With him being contained and content for up to 45 minutes, even having to sit there, it is like a small break.

I also can't help but be so in love with his little naked body, watching him play with his toys, figuring out how best to move around in the water, and the surprise that comes after his kicks make a splash. I could watch him all day in the tub.

His chubby little hands (which are to. die. for.) reach for toys as they float away and when he does manage to grab one - he looks at it with such concentration and focus. He is a serious little boy, even when he is enjoying himself. I just love to watch him figure out this strange world all around him.

We both wish it was always bath time.


Ashlee Norton said...

that face he makes is the best lol. he is such a yummy chubber! I love your pics!

Jaime said...

Such great pictures! And such a cute lil' man!