Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Love Day

Valentine's Day has always been a holiday that I didn't care too much for. I have always loved the infusion of color it provides in stores/decorations/etc after such the dreary month of January. But celebrating/liking it was always just kind of - eh. 

But this year I have decided that I really enjoy the holiday. We have decided around our house - it is not a gift giving holiday but more just a day to do something thoughtful. I don't want it to be about things or become to much of a thing - just  a day we can try to make things different.

My day started out with a surprise stash of treats in my bathroom - followed by hidden love notes I found throughout the day (I still have the one in the fridge). 

I then got my little Valentine ready for the day and set out on finding him a special someone for the day - he had a lot of requests... such a ladies man. (Have I ever mentioned I just love this boy?!?!)

That night, Cam and I celebrated with take-out (our current favorite: Pei Wei) and a viewing of Skyfall. It was the perfect, low key way to spend the evening - with our little one tucked in bed by 7:00 and taken care of for the night - it really does beat going out most nights. 

The next day Mason got his very first Valentine in the mail - I loved that it was even addressed to him. That Amy thinks of everything/everyone.

So from here on out - I have decided to be a fan of Love Day - why not take advantage of a day to actually focus of those you love and do something different? I think part of my change of heart is being a stay-at-home mom, I'll do almost anything to switch up my day-to-day routine. 


Brett and Jessica said...

Well, hello fellow blogger! Mason is just the cutest! Love your valentines!

Shannon said...

I realized after viewing some of your Instagram that I need to catch up on your blog, and I'm so glad I did! Can Mason get any cuter?!

I sure love you, friend!