Wednesday, January 23, 2013

8 Months and Counting

It seems like I should have grasped the concept that once you have a baby time just flies by - but it just keeps surprising me. I blink and my baby grows or learns something new - I'm not quite sure I like him growing up so fast.

Mason is now just over 8 months old and is so full of life. He fills my world with so much happiness I don't know what to do with it all. I am greeted every morning with a smile and squeal of delight as I get him out of his crib - he is always so happy to be doing anything. I then get to cuddle with him in bed as he nurses and spends some extra time with me - I know these mornings are numbered and I try to soak them up while I can.

The rest of our days are filled with learning all sorts of new things - trying new foods, playing with toys and figuring them out just a little more, and laughing at nearly everything. This boy laughs at everything these days - he sure knows how to squeal and it drives him to laughter every time, look at him in any way and say "Mason" and he giggles, and if you pull out the big guns of "peek-a-boo" he just can't contain himself - he loves it.

He is still so content to play on his own and is very good at moving around by rolling and pivoting on his tummy - and I'm convinced he just isn't strong enough to get his chubby belly off the ground to crawl, but I'm OK with that for now. As content as he is, he LOVES getting attention. Just look at him and he rewards you with a big TOOTHY grin - yes, he has two of them now.

Baths are a highlight around here - he could play forever in the water and loves to kick as fast as he can to splash the water (let's be honest - he is really always kicking as he is always excited about something, but it is just so much more fun in the water). He has certain bath toys that have become a staple in and out of the tub - they must be the perfect amount of squishy that it feels good on his gums and is easy to hold. We make sure we have one nearly everywhere we go as it is my lifesaver when I need to entertain him.

I say it time and time again that he is such a good baby - but he really is. He is always happy, mild mannered, and spoiling me for any future baby that is even a little bit normal. He makes being a mom as easy as can be and so rewarding. 

Who knew a little chubby boy could steal my heart and change my life forever?  

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.michelle. said...

That little boy. He is simply adorable. That last picture? Good heavens!