Friday, December 7, 2012

Us Days and Family Days

It seems like day in and day out my routine is about the same: feed, play, nap, change diaper, repeat - and most of our days it is just the two of us.

We get to spend our days cuddling in bed:

and after a little playing this kids hair looks like this (and yes - his eyes are always a different color, it just depends on the light and even his mood).

We watch TV - this kid loves any chance he gets to be in front of the TV - I honestly don't let him watch that much, but when it's on, he is glued to it.

And then there are our family days -  they are basically all our outings consist of.

We get cousin time - these two are destined to be good friends with only two weeks separating them in age.

Sadly, some of our family time was for Grandma Zweifel's funeral - it was a beautiful service full of memories and love - and so nice to be with all of the family.

We sneak in great-grandma time 
(I can't tell you how much I love this picture - so much happiness and love).

We get to go to girl's lunches, 
where Mason wants to share everything that everyone else has - and Brooke is happy to oblige. 

We get days in Park City with Grandma.

With all the outing we sometimes have our off days. But even on these days, Mason's sadness turns to laughter in a matter of minutes (literally - he started smiling and laughing right after I took his sad picture).
I am so spoiled with this good nature'd baby - he practically entertains himself and is always ready with a smile. 

So between our days in and our days out - my whole life is my baby and our simple routine brings me so much happiness.


Marie said...

Jill he is SO cute. Seriously, SUCH a darling boy! And I love that last picture. So sweet.

Maga said...

CUTE CUTE BABY!!! Since he likes T.V. he might like to see the true story of Silent Night. Tues. Dec 11 7:00 p.m. BYUTV. Call me if you want other times it's on.