Monday, November 19, 2012

6 Months

My little guy is 6 months - HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?!

When he was first born I thought he would be tiny forever - but it feels like I blinked and now he is this huge sitting, smiling, babbling, eating solids baby - no longer my little newborn.

At Mr Mason's 6 month check-up he was

19 lbs 6 oz - 80%
26 1/2 inches - 30%

He is our short and fat baby - our own little humpty-dumpty.

I feel like he has grown up so much in just the last month. He is sitting on his own, playing with toys (and really anything he can get his hands on), babbling up a storm, eating solids like a champ, and basically showing off that little personality that is just waiting to emerge.

I am loving every stage and I feel like I want to say that each stage is my favorite - which goes along with him being 6 months. It's just a perfect age. He sits contently and plays with his toys for what seems like hours, his squeals of excitement are so fun as he knows what is about to come next (whether it be walking to his crib to pick him up, walking into the bathroom for his bath, or hearing Daddy come home at the end of the day) - he huffs and puffs, kicks and punches, and basically needs to be reminded to breathe. It's so adorable. He is easily distracted so any major melt down is usually adverted with simply redirecting his attention.

He is still sleeping great at night and has even started to nap so much better during the day with 2-3 hour naps. I don't know how I lucked out, but he eats, sleeps, and plays contently. He is happy 99% of the time and I love it. He always has a smile ready for me (and usually for anyone else once he has given them the once over).

He is very serious and loves to take things in - he observes everything before he gives it the OK. I'm hoping it means he will only make good decisions in life (here's to hoping, right?). 

I don't know what I ever did without this boy - he seems to make my life complete and brings so much purpose to my life. I never knew my heart could love so much - and to know a mother's love is truly an amazing thing. 

I love you Mr. Mason!

Here is my photo dump of Mason at 6 Months:


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How come your baby gets cuter all the time! He is a modern day MIRACLE! He's lucky to have SUPER GIRL, JILL, for a Mom!!!