Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm a V.I.P.

When I was in kindergarten - we had V.I.P's aka Very Important Person.
We were the special person for a week, got to make a poster all about us, and bring in a treat at the end of the week. It was usually the highlight for any kindergartner - who doesn't love to be the center of attention at that age?

I'm far from kindergarten now, but I received a phone call from Amy that Paige was the "Star of the Week" and got to have a special visitor - her request? Mason (and therefore me by default).

I was so flattered that she wanted him to come (that girl loves my Mason) and so excited to go.

We met up with Amy at the school and walked to Paige's class (boy did it bring back memories of being in elementary school - those were the good ol' days).

Amy went over Paige's poster highlighting her likes, dislikes, and her family.

I then got to read a story to the kids - I never would have thought one day I would have been one of those cool moms/teachers who could hold the book just so that everyone can see it and they could still read it. 

Cute little Paige sat there holding Mason and loving life - it was so cute.

Paige even got a special bonus as Cameron had the day off and came along - who knew asking for one little baby would bring such a group?

We loved getting to be Paige's special visitors and spotlighting this cute girl.

I've always heard people say how happy it makes them when people love their kids (I was always on the other side of that) - but now having Mason I know exactly what they mean. Those Jensen kids LOVE my little guy and it makes my heart happy (it also helps that I have a little sweet spot for those Jensen kids as they were my roommates for a good 3 years).


Brett and Jessica said...

So cute. And Mason. Oh my goodness! I could just squeeze him and those cheeks!

Maga said...

Loved your blog--SUPER GIRL--you're super in more ways than one
(for instance having a perfect baby and a husband that supports you so well.)

Amy said...

Seriously I commented on this post and now it is not there. Whats up with that?!?!

Thanks so much for coming for Paige. She loved having you guys there and you just made her day!

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness. This has got to be the cutest thing ever! And Mason! He's such a chunker these days! I love it.

I've been missing you. Let's visit soon, yes?