Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mr. Mason Turns One

My baby is ONE!

Part of me is a little sad that Mason's baby days are over, but everyday I am more in love with this little bug and am amazed at how much he learns and grows. He is just moving on to bigger and better things and has no more time for this baby business.   

All sad feelings aside, in true Jensen fashion - we made it an affair to remember.

We decorated to celebrate Mason and he LOVED it. 

We used our party decorations twice: first for breakfast with our favorites Jess, Mayara, and Baby Camden. Mason loved having friends over so early as he gets lots of attention from them.

They even brought him bubbles and balloons - again, he LOVED it.

The next day was when we really celebrated with his birthday party.

We moved the party outside and made sure it was sufficiently decorated:

I was quite proud of the cake I made for Mason: 
4 layers of cake + frosting + one bottle of sprinkles = this masterpiece.

The fun began when our families showed up. It happened to workout that ALL of the Jensen's were there - which only happens about every 6 months. It was awesome that we all had a chance to be together. Grandpa Clark came and represented the Clark family, and again, we had Mason's favorites the Hale's come. It was a party - and it was perfect weather to do it all outside.  

People were so nice to bring presents and I think Mason enjoyed opening them. He would get distracted with the ribbons or paper but eventually got to what was inside. 

And of course he had lots of help.

Then came the cake.

We sang to this little guy and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. He was loving the attention and smiling from ear to ear, but then acted a little shy. It was so cute.

Then he got to dig in - and he was not timid about it.

He ate more than I expected and then had lots of help taking care of the rest of it. Mason is so lucky to have so many cousins and friends. 

The rest of the evening was spent as any party should: sprinklers and socializing. 

It was such a perfect birthday and he won't remember a thing. 


Ashlee Norton said...

he is too cute! what a cute party! cant wait to see you both in a couple hours!!

brooke said...

what a sweet boy. i love him to no end. he's day was perfect, and it's not surprising at all that you made it beyond adorable!

I need to get my hands on that baby!

jhjonze said...

I can't believe how big he is... and how cute! He is a sweetie! And I LOVE the cake and the decorations!

Kim said...

cuttest party ever!