Monday, April 8, 2013

So I Married an Artist

Cameron has some pretty amazing talents, one that I always am in awe of his is artistic abilities. I was never blessed in this area so anything and everything he does always impresses me. He can sit down and draw up anything and it looks fantastic.

So a few weeks ago he got an email from Jamie asking him to work on a family portrait for her. She sent him some links and away he went getting his creative wheels turning. He only needed to get an idea of what she was looking for and he turned it out like it was nothing (ok - nothing as in a few versions and revisions, but none of it seemed to be much of a challenge for him). 

I always love watching his creative process and watch nothing become something. It's almost mesmerizing.

I loved how theirs turned out so much that I asked him to keep going and do our family. I loved it just as much and love our sweet little family. Admittedly, the no face thing is a little different but I kind of love it at the same time.

It's now hanging on our wall and I love having something that Cam did that is so personal to us. I just love him.

He also did this one of one of our engagements. This one I particularly love and can't wait to get printed!

He is working on getting a bit of a side business that this is now my plug for him - if you are interested in anything (he doesn't do just portraits) you should check him out: 


Kalie DeMann said...

I am seriously in LOVE with those! Cam is seriously talented! I would love to find out the cost of having one done.

a girl i went to high school with pinned the one of jamie's family the other day. so funny! you are great wife for getting his name out there.

also, it's been too long since we have had a cousin dinner. we should change that. soon!

Tay and Ash said...

These are awesome! I just e-mailed your husband for something I've seen on Pinterest.